Starting from March 2017 we installed in our facility a laboratory glassware washer with drying system.
This machine allows a washing up to 95°C and antibacterial thermal disinfection, it is provided of a microprocessor and a programmable electronic control. The final rinsing is performed with demineralized water and the drying phase can be programmed based on the needs and on type of the materials to be washed.
Through a serial port RS232 the machine can be connected to a printer or a PC and the registration of each cycle can be downloaded.
The efficacy of the disinfection cycle can be evaluated through the evaluation of the temperature graph and the calculation of the A0 parameter for thermal disinfection according to EN ISO 15883-1.
This machine is indicated for washing non-sterile sampling tools and containers such as glass or plastic bottles intended for dispensing of API in our cleanroom.
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